The Augusta Chorale
Dr. Phyllis W. Anderson, Director


The Augusta Chorale rehearses every Monday from 7 to 9 pm from late August to May. We rehearse in the Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel on the campus of Paine College. Auditions are held in August and January. Persons interested in auditioning for the Chorale should call (706) 830-0991


Prospective Members should call (706) 830-0991 to schedule an appointment.


Augusta Chorale 30th Anniversary Choir

'Dr. Phyllis W. Anderson, Music Director Ms. Angela Arrington, Accompanist'

Boyd, Brenda
Brown, Lucretia P.
Burney, Juanita
Clarke, Mary L.
Coping, Bevelyn
Cox, Plenzie
Duncan, Cherianne F.
Duncan, Dolores T.
Dyer, Maureen
Flowers, Elizabeth C.
Gainous, Dr. Elizabeth C.
Jefferson, Viola L.
Jones, LaVetta B.
Lewis, Jan
Lucky, Norline R.
Maryland, Claudia M.
Mazyck, Millicent
Melton, Theola B.
Moore, Cora
Oakman, Adrienne
Roberts, Bertha M.
Terrell, Mary
Thomas, Audrey, M.
Wilson, Sheronda Woody
Wright, Cecilia

Butler, Catherine B.
Copeland, Hettie F
D’ Antignac, Joanne M.
Eldridge, Cheryl L.
Jackson, Phyllis Davis
Kelly, Linda
Lowe, Ruth M.
Lowry-Lee, Dorothy E.
McCain, Annette
Nickerson, Minnie
Scott, Pamela
Scott-Sims, Nina L.
Simpkins, Alice
Thompson-Sylvester, Vivian

Crawford, Charles E.
Harvey, Darvin L.
McConnell, Alphonso B.
Middlebrooks, Jr. , Ronald
Presberry, Joseph
Simpkins, Dr. Roosevelt
Thompkins, George

Anderson, Rev. Jack
Barley, Dante
Clayborne, David M.
Donahue, Thomas
Farley, Robert
Grant, Sr., Larry T.
Harvey, Leafec
Johnson, Richard
Ramsey, Larry
Smith, Charles
Tappan, Marion
Washington, Joseph

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